MONTVILLE, NJ – The Morris County Park Police and Boonton Fire Department had to help a 45-year-old hiker with a sprained ankle when she was unable to come off of Pyramid Mountain on June 4 at around 2:00 p.m., according to Park Police spokesman Detective Paul Williams.

The hiker was about 2 1/2 miles up the orange trail, hiking with a group of people when she sprained her ankle, Williams said. The Park Police were called, and usually Montville Fire Department aids the Park Police with the use of Gators (a specialized all-terrain vehicle with a flatbed for patients) and ATVs, he said, but it was determined that it would be easier to use a boat to float the patient across the lake towards the parking lot. The rescue took approximately one hour, he said, with the aid of the Boonton Fire Department and the use of their boat.

“This is a common occurrence across Morris County parks as the weather gets nicer,” Williams said. “We respond to about one to two injuries in the parks per week, consisting of sprained ankles, falls, and injured arms or backs.”

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He said that Pyramid Mountain poses challenges, however, because parts of it are “remote and treacherous.”

He advised those who use the orange trail at Pyramid to have a fully charged cell phone, make sure they have water and snacks with them, and to not hike alone, since the orange trail is “not for beginners,” he said.

“You need to know your skills as a hiker, especially at Mahlon Dickerson and Pyramid Mountain,” Williams said.