MONTVILLE, NJ – Towaco’s own Homeless Bus, which delivers food and needed items to Manhattan’s homeless every Saturday evening, is requesting item donations for the “care canisters.” They would like to assemble the items into tennis ball containers, which will keep the items dry, and give the canisters out in December.

Over the summer, volunteer Christina Kim brought the “care canister” idea, which originated with retail company and charity organization Mitscoots Outfitters, to Homeless Bus owners Mark and Anna Landgrebe, who decided it would be a great holiday project.

“With the majority of our homeless friends living on the streets of New York City and not shelters, keeping personal items waterproof is a challenge for sure,” said Anna. “Our goal each week is to make life a little brighter and a little easier for our friends, so recycling used tennis ball cans and turning them into care canisters is win-win!”

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Anna took to the Facebook group, Montville Moms, requesting all tennis players to save their empty tennis ball cans and lids and more than 300 tennis cans were collected.

Now the task of filling the cans comes into play. The Landgrebes would like to place personal toiletry items, some snacks and a note into the cans, and are asking for donations through the retailer, which will then be shipped directly to the Landgrebes.

Now through October 31st, please consider donating any or all of the following items:

*waterproof bandaids
*lip balm
*personal size hand sanitizer
*facial tissues
*packaged heating hand warmers (like for winter time)
*packaged heating foot or toe warmers (like for winter time)
*cough drops
*individual peanut butter in a cup
*candy canes

The direct link to the Amazon Wish List is  Homeless Bus Wishlist

If you would like to help make a difference in the lives of the people that Homeless Bus serves every Saturday night, please consider making a purchase from this Amazon Wish List.  You can order items from the comfort of your home and if you are an Amazon Prime member, shipping is free and all orders will be shipped directly to the organization.

In addition to the items listed above, the group is also hoping to include a $5.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card for every one of the more than 300 friends they serve. Simply purchase individual $5.00 cards and reach out to Homeless Bus for drop off.

The group will be distributing their care canisters on Saturday night, Dec.17, 2016, so all items should be donated and received by Dec. 1. A meal, a pair of new socks and other items will be distributed on the same evening as well.

For more information regarding Homeless Bus, you can check out their website -  Follow them on Facebook - Homeless Bus, Inc, on Instagram -@homelessbus and Twitter: @HomelessBusNYC as well!