MONTVILLE, NJ – Montville Township kids got a lesson in science – and fun – at the library Jan. 10 when Science Explorers’ “Atomic Amy” presented a lesson in the three states of matter.

The kids, ages kindergarten through fifth grade, were treated to a lesson in how to be a scientist, as Amy, AKA Amy Margulis of Towaco, showed them how use gloves, safety goggles and properly smell chemicals, but most importantly, have fun while learning.

Margulis, who said she spent 33 years as a scientist and is now semi-retired, taught the kids the difference between a solid, liquid and gas state of matter, and showed them how fun chemical reactions can be.

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First came blowing up a plastic glove with baking soda and vinegar, making an endothermic, or cold-feeling, reaction. The kids had fun high-fiving each other with the balloon-like gloves – a vast improvement on the volcano messes of the past.

Then Margulis handed out two plastic polymers in small cups, which, when mixed together in another cup, made a foaming monster – and an exothermic reaction, because the cup felt hot, she explained. She also explained that the foam is similar to what is used in bicycle helmets. The kids then decorated their “monsters” with chenille stems, markers and feathers.

This science presentation will be repeated on Feb. 6 at the library. Click Kids STEM for more information.

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Science Explorers can be found on Facebook.