MONTVILLE, NJ – Boy Scout Troop 74 gave the Cub Scout packs in town a taste of what it’s like to be a Boy Scout, when they held their annual Scout Day at Camp Dawson Park on Sept. 24.

The Boy Scouts created stations where the Cubs could learn about camp cooking, creating a campfire, first aid, erecting a tent, and knot tying. Fourth- and fifth-grade Webelo Scouts camped out for the night, along with the Boy Scouts, who are sixth grade through age 18. Cub Scouts are first through fifth graders.

Boy Scout Nick taught the Cubs how to tie a square knot, teaching them that it is used for attaching two rope ends together.

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“Right over left, then left over right,” he told the Cubs.

It took the Cubs several tries to get the hang of it.

“This is so confusing,” one Cub was overheard saying. “How is it so hard to tie a knot?”

Boy Scout Matt K., Matthew D., Kevin and Richard showed the Cubs how to put together a pup tent, while at another station, Boy Scouts Michael, Daniel D. and Daniel G. showed what to do if someone was cut or stung by a bee. Then they showed the Cubs how to make a stretcher out of two tree limbs and a blanket.

Boy Scouts Lane, Brandon and Ankit demonstrated cooking with a “patrol box,” a portable kitchen used to elevate the cook stove to a safe height, provide storage for the utensils, and fold out for a cutting surface. The trio showed their salad-making skills.

But probably the most fascinating for the Cubs was watching Eagle Scout Max Kamper assemble a campfire. He discussed the safety issues of having a water bucket and showed the Cubs how to start off with fluffy, dry and easy-to-light tinder on the bottom.

Max’s secret?

“I have a bag of cotton balls covered with petroleum jelly,” he told the Cubs. “It lights really well.”

Kamper put the cotton balls, dried grass and kindling on the bottom, leaving room for air, then described the different formations for the wood, like “log cabin” and “tee pee.”

The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts then rode their bikes on the trails of Camp Dawson and settled in for foil-packet dinners.

For more information about Montville Township Scouting, visit Troop 74.