MONTVILLE, NJ – The Montville Township First Aid Squad held a pancake breakfast fundraiser, open house, and teddy bear clinic on March 11. Families came and enjoyed breakfast, then kids who brought stuffed animals, dolls or action figures could have them “checked out” by the squad’s cadets.

“Cadets are junior members of the squad who aid the emergency medical technicians on runs,” explained President Pete Greendyk. “They are mostly in high school. The cadets ‘checked the blood pressure’ of the teddy bears, ‘checked the heart,’ and gave the proud young owners a ‘certificate of health.’”

“We wanted to help the kids of Montville Township see what an ambulance looks like, in case we need to visit their house someday. If they become more comfortable with the ambulance experience, maybe they’ll consider joining the squad when they get older,” he said.

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The Boy Scouts of Troop 74, recently honored by the Montville Township Chamber of Commerce as Organization of the Year, helped out with the cooking of pancakes and sausage.

“Our success would not have been possible with the support of the Scouts,” said squad member Michelle Soares. “They braved the cold temps to keep the pancakes coming out hot for all our visitors.”

The cadets checked out the stuffed animals, gave tours of the ambulance and let the kids try on the special gear they use. The kids were thrilled to turn on the ambulance lights.

Seven-year-old Troy Wallenburg enjoyed his tour, saying, “The ambulance is neat, and they made sure my dinosaur is healthy.”

“So you maybe want to be on the First Aid Squad and help people if you liked it so much?” asked his mother, Romy.

“No way, mom. You know I'm going to be an astronaut!” replied Troy.

The fundraiser raised $777, which will be used to purchase Tough Book computers to allow the volunteers to electronically chart patients, according to Greendyk.

The Montville Township First Aid Squad is always looking for new members. Those interested can contact the First Aid Squad HERE.