MONTVILLE, NJ - Montville Township High School baseball coach Joseph Cardinale has produced a video designed to spotlight the high school’s newly turfed baseball fields which was filmed using a drone. The high-end video, complete with aerial shots of the field and the school, can be seen HERE.
“Having the turf will allow us to get outside earlier while most schools are stuck in a gym,” stated Cardinale.
The video, produced with the aid of Tim Hughes of Shughes Entertainment, was filmed using a drone with a 1080p Go Pro camera attached, and cost about $150 to make.
“We do a lot of communication about our program through Twitter (@MontvilleBaseball),” stated Cardinale.  “We reach many alumni, parents, players, and the press. My vision for the program is to operate at a college level by doing everything in a first-class manner while committing to excellence. This video is one of the ways that we can market ourselves to the public.”

Montville School District Superintedent Paul Fried showed the video at the Board of Education meeting on Nov. 3. He stated that not only will the baseball team be able to use the newly turfed fields, but also the girls’ softball team and the marching band. He stated that Cardinale was “very excited” about the new fields, and he called the video a “tour” of the new fields.
Cardinale has further plans for the fields, stating, “We have also contracted for the installation of a wireless sound system on the field. This will allow for pre-game ceremonies, music, entertainment, etc. We really want our program to be something the town can rally around.”