The OAL Judge approving the JCP&L transmission line from Montville to East Hanover threatens the environment and the Highlands. By clear-cutting areas of forest for an unnecessary transmission line, this project will cause damage in environmentally sensitive areas. There could be impacts to threatened and endangered wildlife habitat areas. There will also be additional runoff and non-point source pollution, and flooding from by taking down mature forests where steep slopes exist. Residents have also expressed concerned about this monster project, similar to the one we are fighting in Monmouth County. This project will also have significant impacts to the aesthetic value of these communities and impact their viewshed by building these huge transmission lines so close to communities. All of this damage is completely unnecessary because JCP&L can take other alternatives to improve reliability.

The Sierra Club believes JCP&L can build other alternatives that have less impact to the environment. By building this transmission line, JCP&L may be continuing to promote the use of fossil fuels instead of making improvements like energy efficiency. There are other clear alternatives like putting the lines underground, non-transmission, smart grid technology, and/or demand response. This project is not necessary for reliability. When they say this project is for ‘Reliability’ it is because when they lie once, they re lie again to convince us that it is needed. This project is even more unnecessary with other clear alternatives JCP&L could take like renewable energy and distributed energy. This project will not only hurt the environment, but is a waste of ratepayer money and should have been rejected.