MONTVILLE, NJ -- The Montville NJ Democrats (Official) held their first general meeting on March 16 after a year of diminishing attendance.

In a town with a Republican majority, and despite leadership efforts, Democrats were finding it difficult to find traction. However, under fresh new leadership, Montville NJ Democrats (Official) faced a full parking lot and infectious enthusiasm among the 40 people who showed up ready to roll up their sleeves.

The group announced its short-term goal of filling Montville’s empty “District Leader” seats. Regrettably, 20 out of Montville’s 36 Democratic seats were vacant. Upon this announcement, the spirited group filled 15 Democratic seats on the spot! A handout with the job description and duties stated, “The District Leader position is a great entry-level way to get into politics.”

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It was also announced that two Township Committee seats would be vacated in the next election. The group is determined to fill those seats with Democrats. With a looming deadline of April 3 for submitting a petition to run for Township Committee, the group sought potential candidates, reminding everyone that only eight signatures are required on your petition.

Sarah Foye, a founder of the new group, stated, “I have not been engaged in local politics in the past, but with the political landscape of this country today, I feel inspired to get involved. I hope other residents do too, and I look forward to connecting with the Democrats in my town."

The group is ramping up their new Facebook page, “Montville NJ Democrats (Official)” (click here). For job descriptions and duties of “District Manager” and “Township Committee,” please e-mail

Monthly meetings will take place on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Senior House, 356 Rte. 202/Main Road, Montville, NJ. The next meeting will be Thursday, April 20.