MONTVILLE, NJ - Communication is a priority in the Montville Township Public Schools. Not just for parents and teachers, but also for the community. For this reason, the district has launched Facebook and Twitter accounts to help keep parents, teachers, students and the community updated on the many events and accomplishments that take place daily in the district’s seven schools.
“Since January, 2014, more than 500 news items about Montville Township Public Schools have appeared in newspapers and other news outlets,” said District Communications Officer, Susan Marinello. “Over 200 of those items have appeared since September. Countless more awards, accomplishments and achievements for students, teachers, and teams have been noted throughout our website, We post news and links to articles daily on Twitter and Facebook.”
In addition to accomplishments, the district’s Facebook and Twitter accounts also announce upcoming events, information sessions, college prep info, and schedules.
“There are many great things happening in education every day in Montville Township Public Schools,” Marinello added. “Things that parents, grandparents, colleagues, and alumni enjoy learning about.”

Often announcements and videos are also posted to the district’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Montville Township Public Schools invites the community to FOLLOW them on Twitter @MontvilleTwpSch, and LIKE them on Facebook at Montville Township Public Schools. Those interested specifically in Montville Township High School (MTHS) information may also follow the MTHS Twitter feed at @MustangsMTHS.
Through grass-roots efforts only, the district’s two main accounts: Twitter (@MontvilleTwpSch) and Facebook (Montville Township Public Schools), have acquired 232 and 553 FOLLOWERS respectively since May. The MTHS Twitter feed, which was launched slightly earlier than May, also has 441 FOLLOWERS.
Traffic across the social media sites is growing steadily each week.
“Communication is a priority in the Montville Township Public Schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried when announcing the district’s social media initiatives to parents, teachers and students. “Revising and improving communication is an on-going process. We are committed to investigating new, better and additional ways to bring you information.”
To date the reaction from the community to the Montville Township Public Schools’ social media sites has been very positive.
“Montville is a community of well over 21,000 people,” said Marinello when asked what the district’s goals for the initiative are. “Almost 4,000 students attend the district’s seven public schools. One or two thousand members of the community FOLLOWING Montville Township schools would be a great. It would be great for the schools and great for the community.”
In launching the social media sites, the district also encourages all who FOLLOW or LIKE them to remember just one important Tip from Twitter: “You are what you Tweet!”
In social media letters inviting the community to participate, Dr. Fried has said, “What you say on social media is viewed around the world instantly. Regardless of the platform (Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, or websites), students and others are reminded that the district’s internet usage policies for appropriate language and content apply to the above initiatives. In establishing these initiatives, it is our goal to provide the community with a source of on-going information, as well as a platform for the community to share information about events, achievements and accomplishments. These sites are intended for general information. We are very excited to offer these new opportunities and trust everyone will be respectful of these tools, the Montville Township community, each other, and the Montville Township Public Schools.”
To help the district get news out to more people, the community is also encouraged to RETWEET and SHARE items. To find out more about Montville Township Public Schools’ social media go to @MontvilleTwpSch and @MustangsMTHS on Twitter or Montville Township Public Schools on Facebook.