MONTVILLE, NJ - Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014, will be an official Homework Free Night according to Montville Township Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Paul Fried.
Fried has stated in the past, “It is our hope that families use these rare homework free evenings to spend relaxing time together, having dinner and enjoying a night off with one another.”
In the spring of 2012 the District convened a Task Force to study the topic of homework and make recommendations to the Board and community. Serving on the committee were students, parents, teachers and administrators.
Several Task Force recommendations were put into place. One recommendation was to have one Homework Free Night per quarter. The Task Force’s hope was that families would use Homework Free Nights to spend the free time with one another.

Homework Free Night guidelines were established by the Task Force and include: 
·        No homework given on “Homework Free Night”
·        No tests or quizzes given the day after “Homework Free Night”
·        No doubling up on homework before or after “Homework Free Night”
·        Enjoy the extra time with your children!
The Dec. 17 Homework Free Night arrives just before the mid-point of the district’s second marking period on Thursday, Dec. 18. The upcoming Homework Free Night will be the second for the 2014-2015 academic year; the first was held in October.
Montville Township’s final two Homework Free Nights will be held in 2015 on Monday, March 16 and Thursday, May 28.