MONTVILLE, NJ – Due to a move to Hawaii, Democratic candidate for Township Committee Lori Hieger is being replaced by Emily Ryzuk, according to a press release from the Montville Democratic Committee on June 16.

Ryzuk is a licensed professional counselor who runs the Atlantic Behavioral Health program, Morris CARES, the sexual assault center for Morris County.

“I helped establish the Morris Alliance on the Prevention of Sexual Assault – which is a very active coalition in our county,” Ryzuk said. “When Morris County founded their Family Justice Center, I was there, and as of today, our Family Justice Center is the only one in the state that partners domestic violence and sexual violence agencies under one roof.”

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Ryzuk says there is a disconnect among the various voting districts.

“Although the status quo hasn’t done a terrible job…much like putting regular gas in a tank meant for premium, you are not getting optimal mileage,” she said.

Some of the areas she would like to focus on include the Pilgrim Pipeline, the heroin epidemic, and reaching across the aisle. Ryzuk believes in working as a team with Lucy Tullo, the other Democratic Township Committee candidate, to be the “New Voices for Montville.”

“Emily has a background in political science, that bright-eyed optimism that comes with youth, and the realism that comes with being a mother, a wife and a homeowner,” according to Lorenza Vidris, Democratic County Committeeperson for Montville Township Democrats.

Emily has been an actor, producer and board member with the Barn Theater. She and her husband, Regan, a Montville native, preserve a piece of Montville history in their historic Dutch stone home.