MONTVILLE, NJ - The Montville Township First Aid Squad announced a GoFundMe fundraiser to implement a new alerting system called eDispatch.

“This system alerts our members on their cell phone when there is a medical emergency in our town,” said Squad President Pete Greendyk. “If funded, this system will allow the volunteers on the Montville First Aid Squad to respond to more calls, decrease our response times, and act as a back-up for our radio network.”

Each year, the squad answers about 1,500 calls, according to Greendyk. This program would allow crews to answer more calls by alerting them to a second medical emergency when they are off-duty, Greendyk said. During the day, one ambulance crew is staffed at the first aid squad building. However, when the duty crew is out on an emergency, a second call sometimes comes in. With the new alerting system, volunteers could receive a page on their cell phones, drive to the building, staff another ambulance, and respond to the second call.

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eDispatch will also decrease the time it takes the first aid squad to get to the patient in need by streamlining the response process, he said. Once alerted by cell phone, volunteers would know to immediately travel to the building to respond to the call. This eliminates pre-response communication, which saves valuable time.

The alerting software would act as a back-up for radio communication. If the radios fail to transmit or receive notification of a call, the dispatching program would still alert members via cell phone and allow for volunteers to mobilize and respond to a call.

Overall, a contribution will allow the Montville Township First Aid Squad volunteers to implement this extremely useful system, and ultimately, help the squad to help the residents of Montville Township.

“We thank you in advance for your continuing generosity and support,” Greendyk said.

To donate towards this alerting system, please click: First Aid Squad.