MONTVILLE, NJ - David Wilson, the National Coordinator for Prevention in Washington D.C. announced today that Montville Township has been selected to be featured on the National website, as an example of how communities can combine their efforts and mobilize resources to promote this project.

"The Township was selected as an example of what can happen when the Drug Awareness Council combines efforts, with the Town Committee, school system and general business community," Montville Township Drug Awareness Council Chairman Joe Daughtry said.

The Montville Township Drug Awareness Council has organized several events in the Township to commemorate National Prevention Week which is a Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) supported annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, substance abuse and mental health issues.

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This year, the theme for National Prevention Week 2014 is “Our Lives. Our Health. Our Future.”

In recognition of National Prevention Week, which is May 18-24, a newsletter has been prepared for parents of students attending the Prom to use as a resource to enhance a safe prom experience. It includes a “Time to Talk” section which suggests topics for the conversation parents should consider having with their children about prom safety, including: drugs, drinking, driving, sex and safety. The newsletter also includes a “Prevention Pledge” for students and a Drug Facts sheet for all parents in the community. 

Students at Montville High School and Lazar Middle School will make daily announcements about prevention topics which will include Prevention of Underage Drinking; Prevention of Prescription Drug Use & Marijuana; Prevention of Alcohol Abuse; Cessation of Tobacco Use and the Promotion of Mental Health.

Additionally, students can complete an “I CHOOSE/WE CHOOSE” poster which will allow them to highlight personal choices they make to promote a healthy life and future. Posters which are collected may be displayed throughout the schools and in the front window of any local business wanting to participate during National Prevention Week.

"The public is invited to the Township Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 13, when the Township Committee will issue a Proclamation declaring 'National Prevention Week' in Montville Township," Daughtry said. "In addition, there will be the opening of the first Drug Awareness Council Resource Information Center which will be placed at Town Hall."

The Info Center will provide free resource materials on various topics of substance abuse, mental health and other issues relevant to the community. The Drug Awareness Council hopes to create additional sites in the community to provide these resources in the future.

During National Prevention Week, there will be two “crashed cars” that have been involved in DUI/DWI accidents located near the public safety and municipal buildings for the community to view. Prevention messages will be placed on each side of these cars, which the Drug Awareness Council hopes will encourage citizens to consider choices they make when their judgment might be impaired.

The Montville Township Drug Awareness Council - Municipal Alliance is funded by the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. The Council seeks to raise awareness and educate the general public and public officials about Alcoholism & Drug Abuse. They are one of approximately 400 alliances in the state of New Jersey that seeks to lead the way to a healthier and safer community.