MONTVILLE, NJ – Samuel Greendyk was sworn in to the office of patrolman by Mayor Scott Gallopo at the Montville Township Committee Meeting on June 9. Greendyk, who graduated magna cum laude from Seton Hall University in 2012 with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, worked as an emergency medical technician for Atlantic Ambulance and as a dispatcher for the Riverdale Police Department before being hired by the Montville Township Police Department. Greendyk has also been a member of the Montville Township First Aid Squad since 2007, and has served three terms as captain of the squad.

At the Committee Meeting Greendyk was supported by members of the police department and First Aid Squad, as well as friends and family including his mother Barbara, his siblings Hannah and Jake, and his father Peter, who is the president of the First Aid Squad in Montville.


Relay For Life Proclamation

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Mayor Scott Gallopo proclaimed June 13 Relay For Life Day and presented a plaque to the Chairwoman of Relay For Life, Terry Becker. Relay for Life will begin with the March of Life at 4 p.m. this Saturday, June 13, at Lazar Middle School. For more information about Relay For Life and the Proclamation click HERE.


2015 Municipal Budget Approved

The finalized 2015 municipal budget was approved after the Township Committee accepted additional amendments. The municipal budget for 2015 was first approved on March 24 of this year, but was reapproved on June 9 after the new amendments were voted on by the Committee. To see the full 2015 municipal budget as well as the amendments click HERE.

Township Administrator Victor Canning hailed the administration’s handling of the budget over the past decade, saying, “For eight years, going on nine, we have maintained a AAA bond rating. Very few can do that.”

Canning praised the low increases to the budget and the reduction of debt, along with the AAA bond rating, as “what makes Montville the place everyone loves to come to.”

“To maintain a AAA bond rating should make all of you proud,” concluded Township Administrator Canning. “It makes me proud.”

 John Perry Wins “Top Ops” Trophy

Township Administrator Canning also acknowledged the Director of Public Works, Water and Sewer Utility, John Perry, who was awarded the “Top Ops” trophy from the American Water Works Association, New Jersey Section. Perry was chosen as a mentor for Team Rutgers, who was awarded the trophy after winning the Operator Challenge.

Perry was chosen as a mentor for the Rutgers Team after receiving the “4 Tops Award” this year. This award is presented to a New Jersey licensed water and wastewater operator who has all four of the highest-level NJDEP treatment licenses in each category. There are over 4,500 licensed water and wastewater operators in New Jersey and only thirteen have ever achieved a “4 Tops” status.

“He brings great honor to Montville,” said Administrator Canning of Perry’s accomplishment.

Committeeman Suggests Encouraging Voluntary Conservation

Committeeman James Sandham suggested putting voluntary conservation messages on the town’s website after aquifer levels have dropped 20 feet in the last four months. Sandham ensured that the aquifer is nowhere near critical levels, and that a comeback is predicted for the water levels, but concluded that, “It behooves us to put [conservation measures] on the site.”

Committee Discusses Future of Hierwater Buildings and Artifacts

Kathy Fisher of the Montville Township Historical Society submitted plans to the Township Committee detailing the Historical Society’s wish to rehabilitate two outbuildings on the Hierwater property and to take ownership of the artifacts inside.

Fisher described the engines, tractors, and farm tools located within the outbuildings, and how they could be displayed and used for tours after the building was restored.

Fisher asked Montville Township to approve a formal resolution and agreement of this arrangement and to issue a permit before repair work would begin.

Richard Seabury, a Towaco resident and member of the Montville and Boonton historical societies and Morris County Park Commission, also spoke to the Committee about the buildings and artifacts at the Hierwater property.

“I believe in stewardship, a responsibility you have,” Seabury said of the restoration of the buildings and engines. “Let’s do something about it.”

Seabury showed interest in the engines going to the Morris County Park Commission and the Montville Township Committee discussed the possibility of the engines being loaned to the Park Commission.

Who will ultimately restore and have rights to the two outbuildings and the artifacts inside has been an issue for several years now and is still unresolved.

While the Township Committee discussed whether or not the ownership of the building and artifacts should be granted to the Montville Township Historical Society, as well as questioned the unforeseen costs in restoring the area, it was agreed that arrangements should be made to speak with the parties involved and take the next step in this case.

ATON Computing Inc., approved as the new Information Technology Services Provider

ATON Computing Inc. was approved by the Township Committee as the new information technology services provider. ATON was one of nine vendors who submitted proposals to provide information technology services to Montville Township. ATON and the other vendors were judged on a point system, which considered each vendor’s technology, management, and price, with ATON receiving the highest score of 714 points.

For more information on ATON and the selection process click HERE.

The next regularly scheduled Township Committee Meeting will be held on July 14, with a Special Meeting to be held on Wednesday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the status of the Senior House addition project and any other items specifically publicized prior to the meeting.