EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Dr. Arnold Pallay, Founder and Medical Director of Changebridge Medical Associates in Montville, NJ, has been named Medical Director of Partners In Care. Dr. Pallay is a Board-Certified Family Practice Physician and a nationally recognized health care leader. He is an appointed National Delegate for the state of New Jersey to the American Academy of Family Physicians, where he serves on its prestigious Commission on Education.  Dr. Pallay has served on the Board of the Healthcare Quality Partners ACO and he also serves as the state of New Jersey’s Medical Director for VAXCARE, an innovative vaccine technology solutions organization for providers. Dr. Pallay is the Medical Director at several senior care facilities and was recently named Businessman of the Year by the Montville Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Pallay teaches and lectures extensively on Medical Genetics, having founded the Jacobs Levy Genomic Medicine Program at Atlantic Health which focuses on both Precision medicine and Population based Genetics.

 “I am truly delighted to help lead the renowned Partners In Care (PIC) ACO as my medical practice joins with Consensus Health as a member of PIC. As a founding member of other noted primary care medical groups dedicated to population health, coupled with my extensive personalized medicine/ genetics experiences, I am committed to this disruptive feature of health care delivery. Having served in several other New Jersey and national ACO teams and on leadership boards of these population-focused groups, I am eager to assist the large and talented team at Partners in Care in their statewide efforts to bend the cost curve and achieve the quadruple aim for patients. This is especially critical in these difficult pandemic times and the associated economic stressors on our participating physician offices.  Our physicians and providers are increasingly focused on quality, cost effective health care delivery in the office, at hospitals, long term care facilities and now through advanced telemedicine technologies. I know we will continue as statewide CIN/ACO leaders for patients, providers and insurers in the years ahead and I look forward to my Medical Director role as a vital part of that team-based effort,“ said Dr. Arnold Pallay.

About Partners In Care

Partners In Care is a clinically integrated network (CIN) of over 500 plus providers that enables physician practices to draw on the collective network of resources amongst the physician and payer groups in order to collaborate and deliver excellence in coordinated patient care while managing costs.  Partners In Care’s mission is to be the clinically integrated network of choice for independent physicians in New Jersey for population health services. They enable their client practices to successfully navigate the ongoing transition from volume to value through the use of evidence-based practice, data driven change management, and clinical decision support.  Partners In Care’s partnership with their client practices result in an improved physical and financial health to their patient’s, practices and employers in the communities that they serve.  For additional information about Partners In Care, please visit www.piccorp.com or call 732.246.0291.