Pathways for Exceptional Children offers programs in computer science for children of all abilities!  We offer 12 classes that continue to elevate a child’s skill level from children in Block Coding, Python, and Java. Children as young as second grade can begin to build programming skills by learning how to block code to make fun video games. From there they can progress to 3 levels of Python and 8 levels Java!  The classes are designed to be motivating and to keep children progressing in their skills and creativity!

If your child likes Legos and wants to create robots, Pathways offers Lego WeDo 2.0 Robotics for children in Kindergarten to 2nd grade and EV3 Lego Robotics for children 3-5th grades.  The children get to create and design robots using Legos. They then program the robots using computer to move and perform fun tasks. The computers talk to the robots via blue tooth!

Finally, if your child likes math or needs extra help with math, we offer support for children 1st to 2nd grades. Our class helps build a strong foundation of math skills and gives plenty of opportunity to apply them in a fun and motivating way. Math is an amazing  building block to computer science and robotics!

See our listing of classes. To register and get your child moving in the skills that will prepare them for the fast pace technology changes of the future, go to