MONTVILLE, NJ – You’ve probably been stuck using detours all summer but appreciated the end result of all the paving that’s happened in an approximately $1 million township-wide allocation towards paving projects. Lots of other capital improvements have been happening in the township, or are on the schedule.

“Approximately six miles of roads were paved this summer,” Department of Public Works Director John Perry told TAPinto Montville.

The list of the 22 roads completed is at the end of this article.

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In October, construction will begin on re-skinning the turf field at the Community Park. Funds were set aside to redo the field starting in 2006, and now $385,000 will be paid “in cash” for the project.

Assistant Township Administrator June Hercek says that the field will be installed with the lines already in place for a full field plus the two half fields that the junior soccer players use.

“This represents a savings on manpower and materials,” she said.

Garden members only will be allowed access to the driveway leading to the community gardens at the Community Park after an electric entry gate is installed. The electrical service has been installed, and once the concrete sets, the gate will be installed. Authorized users will have to punch in a code to be allowed access. The gate will be installed by the end of August, according to Hercek.

Additionally, the Youth Center is scheduled for repainting in the fall.

Repaved streets included:

  • Pine Brook Road (From Whitehall Road/202 to Longview Drive)
  • Century Court (entire length)
  • Village Drive (From Macculoch Drive to Kayhart)
  • Midland Road (entire length)
  • Vista Road (From Valhalla Drive to Lake Shore Drive)
  • Hathaway Road (entire length)
  • Fox Road (entire length)
  • Diann Drive (entire length)
  • Edwards Circle (entire length)
  • David Alan Way (entire length)
  • Passaic Valley Road (From #75 to Horseneck Road)
  • Robin Court (entire length)
  • Konner Avenue North (From Horseneck Road to #175)
  • Brittany Road (entire length)
  • Alsace Place (entire length)
  • Calais Place (entire length)
  • Eckhardt Circle (Meadows to Changebridge Road)
  • Cambray Road (entire length)
  • Mall Way (entire length)
  • Windsor Drive (From #30 to #76)
  • Rutledge Road (entire length)
  • Woodmont Road (From Konner Ave. to Woodmont School)