First, I want to thank the voters in the 26th Legislative District who voted for me to represent them in Trenton for another two years.

I am very appreciative of your support to again represent you in the State House. Your confidence in me is something that I truly value and carry with me every day when representing this district. 

In returning to Trenton one of my greatest concerns is, and has been, property tax relief and enacting measures that will help small businesses throughout the State thrive thereby, creating more jobs. People desperately want us to take action in Trenton to improve their daily lives. This is a state with very real problems that needs thoughtful, bi-partisan solutions. There needs to be an immediate end to political posturing and pandering in Trenton.

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We must start to tackle the critical issues in New Jersey which are facing our residents. I call upon the Assembly Speaker and the Senate President to stop playing politics with the lives of the people of New Jersey and enact legislation that will help them with property tax relief. There are in excess of seventy (70) bills addressing property tax relief that both sides of the aisle have sponsored. It is time for these bills to be posted to committee for discussion and, more importantly action.

The residents of New Jersey are calling for us to help them, not just talk about it. I am ready to do so and challenge my colleagues in both the House and Senate, to join me in enacting meaningful laws in the next two years that will make a real difference. 

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve you-the residents of the 26th Legislative District.