MONTVILLE, NJ - The Montville Township Committee held a special meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 20 for preliminary 2017 board, committee and commission appointments. Some positions are still in review, some need verification and there are vacancies in some positions. It was noted that the chairmen’s recommendations are highly taken into consideration when making these appointments.

The positions that were tentatively decided upon are: 

  • Board of Adjustment, 4-year terms - Margaret Miller-Sanders, J. Deane Driscoll and Ron Soussa, Alternate (Alt.) #2, 2-year term. 
  • Board of Health, 3-year terms - Sunil Shah, Arnold Pallay and Dennis San Filippo, unexpired 3-year term ending 12/31/17. 
  • Design Review Committee, 1-year terms - Michael Kopas, Brian Morgan, Joseph H. Nadler, Anthony Garrett, Alexander Nesterok, Thomas Burns and Lawrence Oberman. 
  • Dog Park Advisory Committee, 1-year terms - Jean Bader, Robert Bear, Dolores Eckert-Cook, Dolores Healey, Joan Honig, Letitia Huffstutler, John Coleman, Sandra Spinelli and Pamela Weinstein.
  • Drug Awareness Municipal Alliance, 3-year terms - Michael D. Johnson, June Witty, Joseph D. Salamone, Michael Cooney, Jr., Lisa Accardi, Nancy D’Oench and Denise Gawley. 
  • Economic Development Committee, 3-year terms - Ronald Cain, Jr., Everett B. Vreeland, Jr., Richard Kurland, Alt. #2, 2-year term, Margaret Miller-Sanders and Mark Picardo, Alt. #1, unexpired 2-year term ending 12/31/17.
  • Environmental Commission, 3-year terms - Lawrence D. Kornreich, 1-year term, David Kalemba and Kevin Fitzpatrick, unexpired 3-year term ending 12/31/18, vacancies available. 
  • Historic Preservation Review Commission (HPRC), 4-year terms - Joan Conway, Alt. #1, 2-year term, Paul Mudd, 4-year term, Jason Jones, 4-year term, Vincent J. Failla, 4-year term, Kimberlee A. Luciano, unexpired 4-year term ending 12/31/17, and Pat Gamsby, Alt. #1, unexpired 2-year term ending 12/31/17. 
  • Housing Committee, 3-year terms - John Misiewicz, two vacancies. 
  • Library Board of Trustees, 5-year terms -Thomas E. Mazzaccaro, Linda Peskin, unexpired 5-year term ending 12/31/18 and 1 vacancy. 
  • Long-Term Financial Planning Committee (LTFP), 1-year terms - Tejal Bhatt, Douglas Cooper, Catalina Laronne, Adam Semer, Barry Braverman, Mark Picardo and Roger Moss, 2 vacancies. 
  • Open Space Committee, 1-year terms - Corlas Ann Lorino, Daniel Pagano, Robert Hasenohr, John P. Misiewicz, and Glenn Bott, 3 vacancies. 
  • Planning Board, 4-year terms - Adam Adrignolo, Lawrence D. Kornreich, 1-year term, Russell Lipari, Alt. #1, 2-year term, and Nicholas Agnoli, Alt. #2, unexpired 2-year term ending 12/31/17. 
  • Recreation Commission - Larry Manfra and John Hill, Alt. #1, 2-year term. 
  • Residents with Disabilities Advisory Committee, 3-year terms - Amy O’Neil, Theresa Cavanaugh, Christine Horvath, Alt. #2, 3-year term, and Sharon Mahedy, Alt. #1, 3-year term ending 12/31/18 and 1 vacancy.
  • Technology Committee, 1-year terms - Jeff Rose, Robert Lefkowitz, David Honig and Dennis M. Myers. 
  • Tree Permit Appeals Board, 1-year terms - Nick Marucci, Michele Caron, Ivan Bader, Steve Olson, Township Engineer and Environmental Commission liaisons. 
  • Rockaway River Watershed Cabinet, 1-year terms - Clifford Seipel and Richard Conklin. 
  • Pilgrim Pipeline - Richard Conklin and James Sandham.

​As for Township Committee liaisons: 

  • Board of Adjustment – Frank Cooney and alternate Richard Cook.
  • Board of Health – Deb Nielson and alternate Richard Conklin.
  • Design Review – Frank Cooney and alternate Deb Nielson.
  • Dog Park – Frank Cooney and alternate Deb Nielson.
  • Drug Awareness – Deb Nielson and alternate James Sandham.
  • Economic Development Committee – James Sandham and alternate Deb Nielson.
  • Environmental Commission – Richard Conklin and alternate Deb Nielson.
  •  HPRC – Richard Conklin and alternate Richard Cook.
  •  Housing Committee- Deb Nielson and alternate Richard Conklin.
  •  Library Board of Trustees – James Sandham and alternate Frank Cooney.
  •  LTFP – Richard Cook and alternate James Sandham.
  •  Open Space Committee – Frank Cooney and alternate Deb Nielson.
  •  Planning Board – James Sandham and alternate Richard Conklin.
  •  Recreation Commission – Richard Cook and alternate Frank Cooney.
  •  Residents with Disabilities Advisory Committee – Frank Cooney and alternate Richard Cook.
  • Technology Committee – Richard Cook and alternate Richard Conklin.

​Not all positions have been filled. There appear to be openings in Environmental Commission, Housing, Library Board of Trustees, LTFP, Open Space, and Residents with Disabilities Advisory Committee. If interested in a position, contact the township clerk for details.