MONTVILLE, NJ – Professional organizer Deborah Gussoff of In Order, Inc. presented a seminar titled “One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure” at the Montville Township Public Library on September 30. Gussoff, who lives in Montville, has been helping clients get organized for more than 20 years.

“According to the L.A. Times, the average home has 300,000 items. Houses have almost tripled in size since the 1950s, according to NPR. Yet according to the Self Storage Association, there are more storage units than Starbucks stores. We have to fight with our drawers and our closets are overflowing,” said Gussoff.

“My job is to help my clients streamline, so they can spend time doing things they love rather than pulling out their hair looking for items,” said Gussoff.

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Gussoff presented a list of helpful rationalizations for letting go of clutter.

“You need to let go of guilt about items, and not even touch them. Have a friend pick them up and show you and ask you what to do with the item,” she said. “You can keep the thought behind the gift but not the gift if you take pictures of it and let it go.

“Sometimes clients complain that an item ‘was so expensive, I can’t let it go,’ but I tell them, if you give it away or it sits in your house collecting dust, either way, the money is not going to magically come back in your wallet.

“I also ask clients, ‘what’s the worse that would happen if you get rid of it?’ If it’s a book, it can be taken out of the library. If you can live with the consequences of not having it, you can get rid of the item,” she said.

Gussoff also tells clients to pretend they’re moving. “Transporting a lot of items is very expensive. If you were moving, would you actually pay money to transport this item?”

New Life for Old Items

There are other reasons clients don’t want to let go of their clutter. “The problem is, many people don’t want to get rid of their excess stuff if they think it will just sit in a landfill. They want it used and enjoyed by somebody else. There are lots of places where household items can be donated and they’ll enjoy a new life,” said Gussoff. “There are also places to sell your old items and make a profit.”

Garage Sales

Gussoff gave tips on holding a successful garage sale. “There are four Ps to having a great garage sale: planning, pricing, presentation and preparation. Get a date to work toward, price everything, at least with a sign, label your tables, and make sure your items are clean. Make sure you can make change, and save newspapers and grocery bags to package items in.”

Appraisers and Consignment Shops

Gussoff presented the names of auction companies and private sales in the region, and websites to turn to sell everything from electronics to clothing to books.

“There’s also Design Consign of Bloomfield, owned by a Montville mom. The shop donates all profits to the Gloria Foundation, a non-profit initiative helping victims of domestic violence.”


Gussoff presented an extensive list of donation possibilities, which the audience added to. Her handout included everything from boats to bicycles to toys.

Gussoff included Montville-area businesses that accept donations, including:

  • Focal Point, located at 440 Route 202 in Towaco, accepts donations of eyeglasses.
  • Montville Pet Parents, located at 7 Church Lane in Montville, accepts donations of towels, pet supplies, and food.
  • Montville-based College Hunks Hauling Junk has clothing donation bins that benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
  • Once a year, the Montville Township Public Library accepts book donations for their annual book sales.
  • In nearby Lake Hiawatha, the Parsippany Library’s “Book Nook” accepts book donations.

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