MONTVILLE, NJ - Victor Canning, Montville Township administrator, announced at the Thursday, March 16 Montville Township Committee meeting that the 2017 municipal budget will be introduced officially at the next Committee meeting on March 28.

​Canning said the budget will be below the 2 percent cap with a tax levy increase of 1.944. The tax increase will be $52.78 on the average home of $528,522.

​Canning said that the administration worked hard to keep the tax levy below the 2 percent cap since the public employees’ pensions are increasing by 4.8 percent, police pensions are increasing by 8.9 percent, and health insurance is increasing by 11.02 percent. In order to keep the tax levy below 2 percent, the administration cut $274,500 from the proposed budget.

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​Mayor James Sandham and Canning thanked the library board for its efforts since the library board is requesting to return to the township $263,000 in library surplus. Sandham emphasized that with the approval by the New Jersey State Library, the excess funds will be utilized in the 2018 municipal budget, which will benefit all Montville Township taxpayers.

​Committeewoman Deb Nielson reminded the residents that the township’s electronic recycling and paper shredding day will be on Saturday, March 25 this year and not in April. The event will be at the municipal building from 9:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. Nielson said the event is very popular with residents. This once-a-year event became so popular that it is now taking place four times a year.

​June Hercek, assistant township administrator, said that there will be two trucks to collect electronics and two trucks for paper shredding, so no resident should have to be turned away.

​Committeeman Richard Conklin suggested that the township look into the handling of polystyrene and foam, which are non-recyclables.

​Attorney Dawn Sullivan, sitting in for Township Attorney Fred Semrau, said that a draft of the Pilgrim Pipeline and Historical Preservation ordinances will be ready for the next meeting. 

The Pilgrim Pipeline involves constructing two new oil pipelines through New Jersey to carry volatile crude oil and refined petroleum products. The pipeline will carry refined petroleum such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and aviation fuel. The pipeline is planned to be a bidirectional pipeline that will run 178 miles from Albany, NY to a refinery in Linden, NJ. The township is against such a proposal because of its potential environmental impact.

The Historic Preservation ordinance will give the township authority to ensure that houses that have been abandoned will not become a hazard to the community. As it stands right now, the township has no authority to go into a house to make it safe.

At the Rockaway River Watershed Cabinet meeting, Conklin was told that a free report on the evaluation of the river affecting Montville Township can be done. He asked and got permission from the Committee to look into the matter.