As the school year comes to a close we look forward to the celebration and excitement of prom and graduation. The Montville Township Police Department would encourage students to safely and responsibly enjoy this exciting time of year.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind students and parents that underage drinking and hosting of underage drinking parties is illegal. New Jersey law prohibits underage drinking in public places. Montville Township Local ordinances prohibit underage drinking on private property with certain limited exceptions. Parental hosting of underage drinking parties is also prohibited by law.  

The Montville Township Drug Awareness Council sponsors Project Graduation, a safe and alcohol free celebration for graduates.  We encourage students to participate in this event. 

The Montville Township Police Department considers underage drinking a very serious issue and will actively pursue prosecution of violations. Officers will be thoroughly investigating all reports of underage drinking and take appropriate action. Providing alcohol to underage youths or hosting an underage drinking party can result in a criminal complaint being issued.  We will continue to be extremely vigilant and proactive in our enforcement efforts of these laws. 

Please help us keep Montville Township students, graduates and residents safe during this joyous time of year. The Montville Township Police Department would like to congratulate the graduating students. We encourage a safe and responsible alcohol free celebration.