As a proud parent of a Montville High School Marching Band member I would like to express the thoughts and views of not only myself, but the vast majority of parents and students in the marching band program regarding this year's selection of a new band director. 

On March 22nd the band parents, along with the student members organized a meeting with the music department supervisor Mr. Edward Fleishman to share our vision and request to have a full time director that will be dedicated, experienced, and familiar with our school environment. 

Marching Band at Montville High School is an organization that requires an enormous amount of involvement by the parents at various events. We feel that this volunteerism should be reciprocated with same dedication from a band director that is from the same school, that knows our kids, and will always be a available for their needs in regards to music, and band in general.

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We have gathered a large amount of signatures and letters of support  endorsing Mr. Kenneth Korlishin as the only choice that we envision as the leader of our marching band.  Thus far, no answers have been provided, and no decision has been made. We are in the critical stages of preparation for next year's program from a creative and business perspective, and we need someone that again, knows what it takes for 'our program specifically' to hit the ground running. 

As parents we are the first and primary educators of our own children. We want to teach them the basic values of democracy by standing up for what they believe in. In this case it's supporting Mr. Korlishin, and such support has been strongly communicated to the school and district administration.  We can only hope that they are strongly considering our message in their selection of the director, and recommend Mr. Korlishin to the board of education. It is up to the BOE to support the will of those affected and involved as constituents and Montville citizens.

We as parents understand that these decisions weigh on many factors, but it is our strong assertion and position that the superintendent, school administrators, and of course the BOE members understand that the voices of these parents and students are being heard, and heard loud and clear.

As a proud marching band Mom, volunteer, and believer in the democratic process, I hope that Mr. Korlishin is reinstated as the director so he will once again lead the program back to the success that has long since been established consistently under his tenure, and most importantly, creating great memories that the students will take with them always.


Martha Sliwowski