MONTVILLE, NJ - With over 18 years of street-level experience in the Bronx and Harlem as part of the NYPD, Phillip Hernandez brings a relevant and pragmatic understanding of self-defense to PRO Martial Arts of Montville’s Self-Defense Seminar.  Having responded to countless crimes against persons and property and conducted interviews with the victims, he has knowledge of the mindset which can either make us a victim, or keep us and our families safer on the streets.  Today’s challenges to our family’s safety include new threats, domestic terrorism, child predators, gang initiations, identity theft and active shooters- just to name a few.  

With training from Homeland Security and the NYPD, Hernandez is in a position to teach the average citizen the importance of situational awareness and how to use commonsense techniques to help make a shopping trip or family outing safer.  While most self-defense seminars are simply a familiarization of the most common techniques used to quickly “hit & run” when confronted by a physical threat, PRO Martial Arts of Montville provides a seminar more focused on perceiving potential threats, and how to be proactive in preparing to meet them. Self-defense techniques are even more imperative when faced with a threat froman armed attacker.  In these cases, escape and evasion is just as important a skill as any strike you can learn in a traditional martial arts studio.  

PRO Martial Arts’ seminar will give you a 360 perspective of the dangerswhich are prevalent in today’s society and help you understand and plan how to confront them in an effort to protect yourself, your family and loved ones.

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Contact Hernandez and Owner/Program Director, Christina Canonaco to learn more about the seminar and schedule your session. Great for Real Estate Agents, Mommy Groups, Recent College Graduates, Overnight Shift Workers and anyone interested in learning a new life skill that never goes out of style. 

PRO Martial Arts Montville is located at 2 Changebridge Road in Montville and can be reached at 973-850-3116 or


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