MONTVILLE, NJ – With only a few weeks of summer vacation left, New Jersey parents will be pleased to hear that the state’s schools have been ranked number one in the nation.   
According to a study performed by Wallethub, New Jersey ranked among the highest in math and reading test scores. These were just two of the 12 factors considered in the study. Others included student-teacher ratio, dropout rates, occurrences of bullying and percentage of students repeating a grade. 
New Jersey received top ranking in the following categories:
Highest Math Test Scores- 4th
Highest Reading Test Scores- tied for 4th
Lowest Pupil to Teacher Ration- 5th
Safest Schools - tied for 5th
With New Jersey earning an overall rank of number one, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Kansas round out the top five according to this study.  District of Columbia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Nevada were ranked at the bottom.  

New Jersey’s neighboring states had mixed results; some did not even make it into the top 50 percent. Delaware came in at 34, New York at 20, Connecticut 13 and Pennsylvania positioned at a nearby 10th place. 
The study also looked at the amount of money spent on education.  New Jersey was ranked third in this category, behind Vermont with an overall rank of three and New York.
According to the Economic Policy Institute’s report A Well-Educated Workforce is Key to State Prosperity, “In addition, states that invest more dollars in education benefit not only their residents but also their economies. The Economic Policy Institute, or EPI, reported that income is higher in states where the workforce is well educated and hence more productive. With higher incomes, workers in turn can contribute more in taxes to beef up state budgets over the long run.”
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