MONTVILLE, NJ - Montville Township Mayor James Sandham said, “Tonight is a sad night and a happy night for the Township Committee.” After 24 years of service to Montville Township, Township Clerk Trudy Atkinson will be retiring as of July 31. The township will be losing one of its most efficient and dedicated employees.

Atkinson was honored at the Montville Township Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 18 by Morris County Freeholder Director Douglas Cabana and Morris County Freeholder and Montville Township resident Thomas Mastrangelo, who presented Atkinson with a plaque for her years of dedicated service as township clerk and also for her work with the Montville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. She also was recognized for her hard work in planning and organizing the archives for Montville Township’s 150 Anniversary Celebration.  

Mastrangelo said that Atkinson has volunteered a lot of time to the community and “it has not gone unnoticed by the freeholders and Montville Township residents.”

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Greg LaConte, president of the Municipal Clerks Association of Morris County, also recognized Atkinson for her service saying she has served “in a professional and unselfish manner.”

The Township Committee introduced Ordinance No. 2017-26A at the meeting. According to the July 18, 2017 Montville Township Committee agenda, this ordinance is a revised version of the ‘TC1’ Montville Township Ordinance #2017-26. This was introduced by the Township Committee on June 27, 2017.  Township attorney Fred Semrau explained that it is the “same legislation, but in final form.”

This ordinance amends Chapter 230 entitled “Land Use and Development Regulations” of the General Ordinances of the revised general ordinances of the Township of Montville to allow “Townhouse Dwellings” as a permitted use in the Towaco Center 1 (TC1) Zone. The final public hearing will be at the next Montville Township Committee meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Committeewoman Deb Nielson said because there is so much misinformation spreading throughout social media about the townhouses and other issues concerning the township’s aquifer, she requested the township have a special meeting in the fall with experts, along with other township committees and boards, to explain to the public how the township is protecting the aquifer and to explain just how the aquifer works and its function. Mayor Sandham and the entire Township Committee agreed to this. Sandham reiterated that public safety is the number one priority of the Township Committee.

The Township Committee also introduced Ordinance No. 2017-27 that expands the requirements in compliance with the Highlands preservation land use area resource regulations. The public hearing date is Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Township Administrator Victor Canning said, “I am pleased to announce the Township of Montville will be receiving 2017 Community Development Block Grant funds in the amount of $75,700 for the following projects: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) curb and sidewalk improvements in the vicinity of Valley View Elementary School.”

Canning explained that the township is receiving 100 percent of the township’s total request of $75,700. The improvements will include converting existing sidewalk ramps that do not meet the federally mandated ADA standard to compliant ones. The project includes adding two crosswalks to enhance pedestrian safety to and from schools. Canning thanked Assistant Township Administrator June Hercek saying “because of her efforts” the township received the entire grant.

Canning reported that on Friday, July 14, Presiding Judge Andrew Wubbenhorst and Tricia Nikiel, Municipal Division Manager of Municipal Courts for the New Jersey Superior Court’s Morris/Sussex Vicinage 10, conducted their annual visitation to review the township’s municipal court’s operations, administrative procedures and office practices. Canning said, “Once again, everything went well.”

Canning also was happy to report that the after-event review of police overtime expenses for this year’s July 4 event was 98.25 hours less than last year’s total.

Sandham reported that the planning board approved G.I. Auto up to 3,000 new and used vehicles for storage use only.

Sandham also wanted to recognize Leena Abaza as the new township clerk. He wished her well, and she thanked the Township Committee saying, “I appreciate the confidence you have in me.”