MONTVILLE, NJ – When Santa Claus and the Snowman pull up to the celebration on fire trucks, you know it’s Christmastime in Montville.

The Montville Township tree lighting celebration was held at the Municipal Building on Dec. 5 amid a shouted countdown to the big event and Christmas carols on the circle led by Elvis the Elf.

Mayor Jim Sandham, no slouch himself at naming all of Santa’s reindeer, thanked all of the groups that helped make the event possible, including the Department of Public Works, the kids from R.E.A.C.H., and the Girl Scouts, who led the carol sing-along.

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The Pine Brook Fire Department pulled up, lights and sirens screaming, with the guest of honor – Santa himself. The Montville Fire Department also pulled up with the Snowman riding on top. The excitement was palpable.

As the Montville Township Police Explorers led Santa and the Snowman inside, the parents and kids followed and enjoyed cookies, apple juice and hot chocolate, provided by the Montville Township Women’s Club.

Then all enjoyed Christmas games and music, including the Christmas Conga with Elvis in the assembly room, as they waited their turn to visit with the Snowman and Santa

“How old is Santa?” one boy asked Elvis.

“More than 1,000,” was Elvis’ answer.

“How many elves make toys?” another girl asked.

“At last count, it was around 16,000,” he said.

“How old is the oldest elf?” a child asked.

“182. But that’s not years like you celebrate!” Elvis was quick to add.