Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign has decided not to open their New Jersey Headquarters in Parsippany. Over a month ago the Trump campaign announced it would be opening the office in the Powder Mill Plaza on Route 10. Since then, the campaign has changed course, apparently due to the revelation that Trump doesn’t have a chance to win New Jersey and it would be a waste of time and resources.

This is a win for the Democratic Party and for Hillary Clinton. This is also a win for the people of Morris County. Trump is a divisive and offensive candidate and his campaign’s presence would threaten the peace that we all enjoy in Morris County. Morris County is a place where people of all demographics and political beliefs coexist peacefully. We should all be proud that Trump’s campaign got the message and pulled out of the office deal.

This is a small-scale example of the unreliability of Donald Trump. He is making grandiose promises on the campaign trail; promising to improve the economy, grow the job market, and strengthen the global power of the United States. The truth is that these are empty promises and if elected he would under-deliver, just like he under-delivered on his promise to open a campaign office in Parsippany.