Where Will People Go When Gyms Open, Post COVID?

Where are people going to train when everything opens up again? Will the average person trust that big-box gym? Will the large gyms be clean enough or private enough to ease people’s minds?

Performance Incorporated has always been very clean and very private. This business was created with the goal of giving clients a clean facility, private atmosphere, and effective workout every time they train.

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Clients have the opportunity to train with an educated, experienced, adult trainer. Most of the trainers have the prestigious NSCA-CSCS certification. A college degree is just one of the many requirements to sit for the CSCS exam and it takes about six months of intense preparation to pass the exam. The CSCS uses science to create safe and effective workouts, rather than just assigning the most popular exercises to clients. These strength coaches take time to carefully plan each workout and teach proper exercise technique, all with client goals in mind.Most CSCS’s train athletes.  It’s often their passion. The CSCS certification is actually a requirement for training professional and college athletes. Clients are in good hands when they work with a CSCS.
The Performance Incorporated strength coaches also train adults interested in weight loss, general fitness, and weekend athletes. Those looking to improve their game whether it be tennis, golf, or any other sport would greatly benefit from training at Performance Incorporated.

With the variety of strength coaches at Performance Incorporated, every base is covered. Whether the client is an 8-year-old baseball player in need of coordination or a senior citizen looking to maintain function, the strength coaches at this gym are ready, willing, and able to help.

The people in this community also have the chance to take private Yoga training and small group yoga classes. Yoga is for adults and children. The private yoga allows the client to really relax and focus on the exercise technique, breathing, and flexibility.

Besides training clients inside the private gym, Performance Incorporated offers outdoor agility and speed training as well as the Video Combine service. Performance Incorporated coaches test athletes using technology to evaluate their skills and abilities. The science-based approach lets athletes know where they stand, while allowing coaches to evaluate the success of their programs.

The Training Table program is a program that wires the brain on how to eat, what to eat, and how to keep things in balance with a combination of nutrition and strength training.

And for those enjoying the Online Training, it will continue after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Clients feel good knowing they will reach their goals with this online training.

For information on these or the other programs visit www.PerformanceIncTraining.com  or call Joe at 973-303-2014.