MONTVILLE, NJ – Every school principal has a bad day, but not many of them can say they got a pie in the face.

William Mason Elementary School Principal David Melucci and four colleagues received pies in the face at the culmination of a fundraiser for pediatric cancer on Oct. 7.

Spearheaded by school nurse Elizabeth Wigley, students could purchase a one-dollar ticket to “vote” on which teacher they wanted to get pied, with the proceeds going to Sloan Memorial Hospital to “help researchers continue to find better cancer cures for children,” Wigley said.

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Wigley included herself in the pool, as did Melucci.

When the votes were tallied, teachers Scott Brennan, John Immediato and Donald Wheeler plus Wigley and Melucci were at the receiving end of the whipped cream, and the event raised $505.

The event was the culmination of school’s commemoration of Pediatric Cancer Awareness month. Students also donated two boxes of books, crafts and crayons to be assembled into JoyJars™, which are kits filled with goodies given to children with cancer and their siblings in order to help bring smiles to their faces during a difficult time.

On Oct. 7, the students assembled in the courtyard to watch and applaud as the staff members bravely took one for the team.

The pie throwers included Wigley’s three-year-old daughter Sienna, who is battling leukemia. Second grader Harrison Bruchhauser also threw pies, as did fifth grade Rocco Vena. Both are cancer survivors.

Harrison thought it was fun to get to pie the group and picked Melucci to pie.

“He said to me, ‘Are you really going to do this to me?’ and he joked that I was in big trouble now,” Harrison told TAPinto Montville. He said the whipped cream was “tasty.”

Harrison’s mom Sandy also jumped into the fun, so Harrison pied her, too.

Rocco picked Brennan and Wheeler to pie.

“Mr. Brennan said to me, ‘Don’t do it!’ and afterwards he told me, ‘it’s a good thing you’re not in my class!’” Rocco said. “I was nice – I didn’t want to rub it in a lot.”

“These brave youngsters have, or are still enduring, so much, while always keeping great big smiles on their faces,” Wigley said. “They amaze and inspire me each day, and I know they will grow up to do something amazing with their lives.”

To see video of the pies being “delivered,” click here: