DENVILLE, NJ - One month after arresting suspected jewel thieves, Denville police encountered just the opposite this week: A person who found jewelry and did the right thing.

Police said a Denville resident came across a piece of jewelry on the sidewalk and, instead of feeling lucky and pocketing the item, brought it to the police station. Police said the item was found on, or close to, Feb. 27 on the sidewalk along Broadway.

They are asking anyone "who may have lost a piece of jewelry and can provide an accurate description of the item" to give them a call. They said they'll turn over the wayward piece once they're convinced the caller is the real loser, so to speak.

Police said the missing item's owner should dial 973-627-4900 and ask for Denville Police Patrolman Mike Ambrose or Denville Police Detective Brian Williams. Even if you didn't lose some jewelry but know somebody who did, police will welcome the call, they said.