MONTVILLE, NJ - The first week of November, Woodmont Elementary School held its annual Geography Bee. A series of competitive events, the Geography Bee allows second and third grade students to intellectually spar with each other. Fourth and fifth grade students also compete to place in the older division. 
Fifth graders swept the grades four and five division. Trophies were awarded to Girish Jayakumar (1st), Veda Bhattaram (2nd) and Daniel Goldstein (3rd).
In grades two and three, second grader, John Lew landed second place, while third graders, Aidan Walters and Andrew Casiano were awarded first and third, respectively.
Woodmont places a strong emphasis on geography and multi-cultural education. The elementary school holds many student centered events throughout the year to help students learn and retain information about geography and the customs and contributions of the world’s many nations.