MONTVILLE, NJ – Dr. Paul Fried, Superintendent of the Montville Township Public Schools will host a Town Meeting to discuss World Language. The Meeting will be held on Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Montville Township High School Cafeteria. All members of the Montville community are invited to attend.
The purpose of the upcoming Town Meeting is to hear from parents, teachers, staff, administrators, students and members of the community regarding their thoughts on the topic of World Language.
“Language is an essential part of our lives,” Fried wrote in the Town Meeting invitation he sent to all district parents and staff members on Thursday, Dec. 18.
In his invitation Fried also asked, “If we believe that communication in our own language is important to us, how important is it for our children to learn to communicate in other languages?  Is the learning of a ‘World Language’ an important skill for our children in the Montville Township Public Schools?”

All elementary, middle, and high school parents and other stakeholders in the Montville Township community are encouraged to attend.
During the meeting no decisions will made about the current World Language Program. Additionally, the Town Meeting is not the appropriate forum for the discussion of individual staff members. Instead, the Town Meeting will be structured to explore whether or not World Language can enrich students’ lives and serve students with regards to college and career choices.  
“We are interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions,” Fried explained. “Depending on the conversation, we may decide to convene a task force to research the topic and provide further feedback to the administration and community.”