I wanted to give a very special Thank You to all the men and women of the Montville Twp. Police force. Your efforts and determination to assist the public during these back to back storms was and continues to be nothing short of incredible.

Officers have worked countless hours running call to call or providing stationary protective details. You have spent countless hours away from your families and dealt with your own emergencies. All the while continuing to put the public first. Many of our own officers are still without power to their homes. Many try to manage keeping their own generators running so their families stay safe while they serve away from home.

For the most part, officers worked 19 hour days only to take a few hours off and return to start over again. Many have worked no less than 12 straight days without a day off. We will continue our efforts until the Township is returned to a sense of normalcy. But in the meantime, know that your dedication is recognized. Your efforts are appreciated, and you should be proud to be called a Montville Township Police officer and civilian employee.

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A very grateful, 

Chief Rudy Appelmann

Montville Township Police Department