I have a number of Thank Yous -

First and foremost, to the citizens of Montville, Pine Brook and Towaco - for your support in four Primary and four General Elections.  I am truly honored that you gave a “poor kid from the Bronx” with a speech impediment, who had only been in town for 8 years, the privilege to be a leader in your town.

To Deb Nielson – I truly appreciate how hard you worked for the citizens of Montville Township.  Few will ever know the countless hours you put in and sacrifices you made to move this town forward, but I do.  You deserve a lot of credit for our successes and for helping to chart a bright future for our town!

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To the 2017 Township Committee – Rich, Frank & Rich - we accomplished a lot with everyone pulling together and great camaraderie.  You will have your challenges going forward, as we had in the past, but always do what you think is best for Montville Township and you’ll always come out on top!

To June Witty – Congratulations and best wishes for a successful 2018.

To Dr. Matt Kayne – we started a dialogue three years ago on how the Board of Education and Township Committee could work better together.  And through those discussions I discovered a future leader for the township committee.  I am glad that I can pass the baton to a person of your intelligence, compassion and integrity.

To the Administration, Staff, DPW & Police – you have a tough job – the Township Committee expects perfection!  I appreciate your dedication.   Always remember that the citizens pay our salaries and I ask you to put the citizens of our town ahead of personal priorities - if you do that we will all succeed!

To the Challengers – to those that came to meetings to “talk truth to power” – you play an important role in our democracy and we heard you!  When you were polite and courteous we appreciated the input; but those times when individuals were less than courteous and sometimes made personal attacks you should know that you did your cause a disservice.  I will always defend your right to speak and be heard; but we also have the right to react to your words and actions as we see fit!

To My Supporters – I appreciate the tremendous efforts in all the campaigns and, once elected, all the help, input and guidance that you provided.  Your support made the 12 years of work all worthwhile!

To the Loyalists – to those that didn’t worry about where I stood on a particular issue or an individual decision but who had faith in the man – my work ethic, my ability to hear all sides,  my understanding,  and my integrity – you are worth your weight in gold to me and to other political leaders.  You were the premium grade fuel that powered my public service and I can’t thank you enough!

To My Three Children– Your love, understanding and sacrifices through these years have been an inspiration to me…  I hope my public service has provided inspiration to you.  I could not have continued without your understanding through missed family events, shore weekends and one-on-one time.  Jenifer and James – you were already older and understood the ‘greater good’, but Kimmy – you are the unsung hero through these 12 years as your Dad always seemed busy through your teen years.   I know I can’t make up for all the lost time, but I will try.

To My Wife Kathy – I know my words will fall short of what you mean to me – you are the rock of strength in our family, you are the listener, you are the healer, you are the dose of reality when I need it, and now you are GaGa! 

I made many wise decisions, but the smartest decision I ever made was 44 years ago when I asked you for a date… you are my first true love and my partner for life.  I look forward to sharing more time with you now!

So thank you all for a great experience. I was honored and privileged to serve you all!