Dear Editor,

This week, Montville Township Republican Committeewoman, June Witty, posted a chart depicting a swastika that compared Democrats to Nazis on her personal Facebook page. This post by Committeewoman Witty was not only insensitive to township residents registered as Democrats but, more importantly, this post is rooted in hate and vitriol toward the Jewish Community. Anti-Semitism is growing throughout the United States, and our community will not stand idle as our elected official share anti-Semitic rhetoric on Facebook.

This month, Jews around the world commemorate Yom HaShoah, the day of remembrance of the Holocaust. Since Ms. Witty publicly stated she attended a diversity and Holocaust class, she does not need to be reminded of the atrocities that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party committed, not only to the Jewish people, but also to many other religions, the gay and lesbian community, and people with disabilities. As Jews, the mere mention of the Nazi party calls up memories of many of our relatives being marched to their deaths in the concentration camps of Europe.

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Once Ms. Witty was elected to her post, she assumed a position where she is supposed to protect all residents from hate and provide a safe environment for us. She is supposed to represent all residents of the township, regardless of their religion or their political affiliation. Her Facebook post shows that she does not have the ability to do any of this. 

We applaud the members of the Township Committee who have publicly censured Ms. Witty and called for her resignation. We find it disheartening that the Township Committee does not have a mechanism to remove Ms. Witty from her position due to her actions. The Board of Directors of the Pine Brook Jewish Center is calling for Ms. Witty to immediately resign her position as a Montville Township Committeewoman due to her lack of ethics, her clear disdain for those with political beliefs that differ from hers, and her lack of judgment about anti-Semitism and hate groups.


The Board of Directors of the Pine Brook Jewish Center