Labor Day weekend 2018 brings with it good news – if some not so good weather. The national economy is vibrant and jobs are plentiful for those who want to work. 

The 2017 federal tax reform has unleashed business investment and hiring and put more money into people’s pockets. In many areas of the country labor is in short supply as the unemployment rate hit an 18 year low earlier this year.  Companies are offering a variety of incentives to get skilled employees.  That’s good news for working people.

The nation’s gross domestic product for the second quarter of 2018 increased to a rate of 4.2 percent, which was thought to be impossible only a few short years ago. Corporate profits are strong which is a good sign for the future job market.

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But the euphoria of economic growth should not blind us to the fact that American labor needs to be adequately compensated and better trained. Rather than importing people with skills to fill corporate needs, the U.S. needs to do a better job training our own people for the American job market. Rather than focusing on minimum wage pay hikes, policy makers should be focusing on new and innovative ways to give people skills that companies want and will pay for.

Working Americans suffered through the Great Recession and deserve now to share in the benefits of a growing economy - and many of them are. With more tax cuts and less regulation, the economy can continue to grow jobs.  Hopefully our state’s governor will see that the way to a better economy is not through higher taxes

Labor Day is not just about economic numbers. It is about the great debt America owes the men and women who built this nation, saw it through wars and lean times and continue to bring dedication and innovation to their jobs. We owe a tip of the cap to those who work in thousands of different jobs that keep our country and our communities going. Countless Americans toil every day in jobs that few of us think about; the people who keep our lights on and our water flowing - the people who collect our garbage and build our cars and our houses.

American became the land of opportunity for those who wanted to work. It is that work ethic that we celebrate this weekend.   And it is my hope that America never loses its respect for working people – and that we forever remain a nation that embraces hard work. 

Have a safe holiday,

BettyLou DeCroce