Dear Editor:
I am writing in support of Matthew Kayne and June Witty in the local Township Committee election.  
At this unprecedented time in history with  a national pandemic which took a considerable toll on the town budget and resources, I am glad we had the expertise of these two hardworking healthcare professionals to fact find, interpret and make decisions for the health and wellbeing of ALL Montville Township residents.  The Township Committee kept residents informed to the extent legally possible and reinforced the recommendations of the CDC.  While nobody knows when this pandemic will be over, I think most expect it to continue into next year and I for one don’t think it is the time to change leadership. They have done a great job of operating within their budget and not having to bond for emergency items related to COVID all while maintaining the services that we have come to expect.  Many other towns had to add debt in order to meet the demands and additional expenses of COVID.  
Matt & June have both been active Volunteers in town, long before they thought of public office. Matt is most known for his time on the Board of Education, but he is also a founding member of the Montville Educational Foundation and was involved coaching recreational sports to name a few.   Most know June as the caring, compassionate School Nurse who took care of their children, many of which are now grown and able to vote. June also served with me on the Drug Awareness Committee where her contributions were vast.  She has also volunteered with the Montville Women’s Club, Stigma Free and 11th Hour Rescue.  June has been volunteering in town for most of her adult life. Between Matt and June, they have over 50 years of service to the community.
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Their opponents on the other hand have rarely attended a Township Committee Meeting.  Sarah Foye has never served on a Township Board or Commission and although Emily Ryzuk served just one year on the Environmental Commission her attendance was less than stellar missing several meetings. If she couldn’t manage an hour and a half meeting per month, how will she manage the time and commitment of a Township Committee member?  Instead of running a campaign based on their records and resumes they have chosen a campaign of character assassinations which leaves one to wonder about their qualifications.
I have cast my vote for the capable team of Matt Kayne and June Witty to lead Montville Township.  After one term on the Township Committee they are far from career politicians but are new voices with a proven record of fiscal responsibility, prudent budgeting, low municipal tax increases, and maintaining a AAA Bond Rating.  Their experience is what is needed during these uncertain times.  Please join me in voting for Kayne & Witty.
Lisa LoBiondo