It is almost laughable to watch these Republican Local Office Holders, both past and present, proclaim their strong advocacy of Open-Space when the opposite is true. Jim Sandham takes credit for the work of previous Township Committees who actually bought and worked to preserve the 1,000 plus acres. I was on the Township Committee for 15 years and voted for every one of those acres long before Jim Sandham thought about running for office. If memory serves, I think the only purchase he voted for was a mostly wetland/ floodplain parcel owned by two of his political supporters for which taxpayers paid an overblown $1.8 million. We (The Township Committee) used the Open-Space Fund to curtail development pressure and prevented 350 residential housing units. We used it to preserve Turkey Mountain, the land for Camp Dawson, much of the Ridgeline in Towaco overlooking Peace Valley, the Metro Property, the Robbins Property and all the land from the top of Abbott Lane to Waughaw Road. We worked with the State and the County to maximize our fund. Sandham also repeats the old political lie that we bought the property on Change Bridge Road for a Dog Park. The truth is that we bought the property, which was under development pressure, in response to residents in the area opposed to that development. Then built our Dog Park on a portion of it.

He is right about Tim Braden not being interested in open-space until something was proposed that would impact him but so what. Regardless of previous positions that parcel should be pursued for open space. Resident pressure always has an effect on the decision to buy. It is also a fact that there has been no purchase of any Open-Space for at least 10 years. 

At a recent Township Committee meeting all the members expressed that they were in support of Open-Space and like Motherhood and Apple Pie, easy to talk about but how about baking some pies.