MONTVILLE, NJ – Montville Township High School alumnus and children’s book author Ross Tanner has a new book out called “I Will Not Stop My Trot,” based on the battle his fiancée lost with cystic fibrosis. Despite the sad story, the children’s book is an uplifting tale of two horses, one who has little time to enjoy the roses, and the other who teaches the first about what is truly important in life.

Tanner said he had already fallen in love with Alicia by the time she told him she had cystic fibrosis (CF).

“The average life span of someone with CF is 33 years,” he said. “That puts your life into perspective. She was in and out of the hospital. That really makes you realize what’s important.”

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After she died from the illness, Tanner started a blog in order to try to heal, and realized he wanted to start writing children's books. He wrote the story of the two horses.

“Ross was fast and loved to run. / Alicia liked to lay in the sun.

“Race me, race me if you dare. / I will not learn - I do not care. / I am fast, and you are not. / I will not stop my trot.”

“Racing is not fun for me. / I prefer the scenery. / Life is not a race you know.  / Slow down, and let the beauty show.”

“Horses were Alicia’s favorite animal,” Tanner explained. “I think this was my best writing because it brought out the emotion of the situation.” The story ends with Alicia teaching Ross that being with those you love is “the best gift from up above.” Tanner said that he enjoyed working with illustrator Rebecca White on the book and said she is very talented.

“The lesson is great for all ages but especially for kindergarteners through fifth grade,” he said.  “I’ve read it at schools and the teachers have cried.”

Tanner also published a book called “Ginger Ninja,” about a red-haired ninja who was stronger than all the rest of the ninjas despite being picked on for his red hair. A portion of the sales of both books will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Tanner and his family and friends, along with Alicia’s family, fundraise regularly for the CF Foundation, having formed “Team Vitality.” They will be participating in a walk in Morristown in May and in June in New York City. He married fiancée Hope last October and the two are active at their church, where Tanner is a deacon and Hope is the choir director. The two are also involved with Tomorrow’s Leaders, a CFF organization designed to create awareness with young professionals that also has an aspect of leadership development, featuring guest speakers and networking.

Tanner is also keeping busy writing, as “Ginger Ninja II” is coming out in September.

To purchase “I Will Not Stop My Trot” or “Ginger Ninja,” go to Rossom Ryan Creations.

Portions of “I Will Not Stop My Trot” ©2019 R.T. Rossome. Used with permission.

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