MONTVILLE, NJ – What started out as a cruise to the Bahamas had a rocky start as a ship that 13 Montville Township residents were travelling on experienced a 115-mph wind gust, according to ABC News, which made the ship tilt to 45° and sent passengers sprawling. Montville resident Brielle Cook was travelling with friends and family, including Deputy Mayor Frank Cooney, when the incident occurred Sunday night.

“I was in my room at the time of the incident,” Cook told TAPinto Montville. “We were feeling sea sick so we stayed in that night. Out of nowhere we heard glasses on the counter start sliding down and crashing to the floor. Before we knew it everything was flying across the room and when we tried to get up we couldn't get our balance, so we had to hold on to the bathroom door.  We knew something wasn't right, but didn't know what was happening. Everyone thought they were going to die.”

Cook said that when the ship righted itself, she and her family ran into the hallway, finding many passengers screaming and panicking.

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“They were announcing codes overhead that we weren't familiar with, which made us know something really wasn't right,” she said. “Eventually the captain came overhead and said we hit unexpected wind and everything was okay.”

Cook’s mother offered to help, and was told that those with medical experience should go to the medical center, Cook said.

“When I arrived, there were three nurses and doctors caring for an influx of patients, so I helped to triage them and assist the doctors with procedures,” she said. Cook is an ICU nurse and Montville fire fighter. She helped treat about 100 patients with broken bones and cuts, she said.

When the ship arrived in Port Canaveral, Florida, there were ambulances and paramedics waiting to take eight injured passengers to the hospital, Cook said. The patients were treated and released, according to ABC News. The ship continued on its course and the Montville group is enjoying the rest of their vacation, although Cooney told TAPinto Montville that they have some cuts from broken glass and the situation was “scary as hell.”

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