As a twelve-year-old student, it was very exciting to be involved in a campaign. This past Sunday afternoon, on October 4th, I was able to experience being part of a campaign with a committeeman himself, Matt Kayne.

Doing a campaign in 2020 was different than any other year, mostly because of COVID-19. Because of this virus, there are not that many people distributing flyers. Before everything started, we all put our masks on. I thought that Matt would be pretty used to this since he is a dentist and would wear one for long periods of time while working. The idea of that afternoon was to deliver “door hangers” to the houses listed on an app. The door hangers contained some information and there was a stack of sticky notes attached. We walked on the street. At each house, I ran up the driveway and put the hanger on the door. We went to two different areas. In both areas, there were some quite impressive houses. At times, we would also see people in the yards by the street. At those times, Matt would introduce himself and talk about his campaign's goal to keep taxes down. I think Matt is an amiable person and likes to share his ideas with others.

In all of this, I also saw some fun and found out about some interesting things. Halloween decorations were all around town. Fall just arrived, so the temperature felt just right. We walked for about three hours, so, luckily, the weather was great. As I walked around the streets, I also learned how big Montville really is. It's much bigger than I thought it was before.

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Through everything, the thing I learned the most is that doing something such as this campaign is not as easy as it looks. I also saw how being an elected official is a difficult job as it doesn't come with much compensation. All in all, I have seen that nothing comes easy and all comes as a result from hard work.

Scipio Han

Montville, NJ