MONTVILLE, NJ – State Senator Joseph Pennacchio was at the Nov. 28 Montville Township Committee meeting to honor 26 township volunteer firefighters with a combined service record of more than 1128 years.

Each firefighter received joint legislative resolutions plaques from the state, detailing their volunteer positions within each fire department and thanking them for their service as firefighters.

“Over my 20 years of being a public servant, I’ve dedicated bridges and roads, but what really pleases me is coming and honoring those who dedicate themselves to public service and to making Montville Township just a little better place to live in,” Pennacchio told the assembly. “Firefighters do this for the sense of duty to the community that they live in. What you also don’t see is the countless hours [they spend] away from their families. Firefighters on call may have to skip that weekend at the shore because they can’t be too far away.

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“For all those reasons, not just because I’m a legislator but also because I live in Montville, I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the state and on behalf of my family who you protect and on behalf of my friends and neighbors. God bless you,” Pennacchio concluded.

Honored at the meeting were:

Fire District #1 (Montville): Eric Bisch, 40 years of service; Carl G Lewis, 45 years of service in Montville and 12 in Pine Brook; Robert W Cook, 40 years of service; Alan Cook, 36 years of service.

Fire District #2 (Towaco): Kenneth Breeman, 30 years of service; William Grey, 33 years of service; Joseph Gretkowski, 40 years of service; Robert W Grey, 40 years of service; E. Spooner Peer, 50 years of service; Robert H. Peer, 55 years of service.

Fire District #3 (Pine Brook): Ronald R Cain Jr., 53 years of service; Richard Dayermanjian, 55 years of service; Gary Eggers, 45 years of service; Herbert H. Eggers, Jr., 45 years of service; Otto Gauweiler, 40 years of service; Donald F. Hainzl, 45 years of service; Carl Patterson, 41 years of service; Edward J. Rosenbergen Sr., 46 years of service; James G. Schmitt, 41 years of service; Robert G. Schmitt, 40 years of service; Anthony Speciale, 40 years of service; Rocky Trifari, 34 years of service; William Van Winkle, 50 years of service; Donald Welter, 40 years of service; Robert Whitney, 52 years of service; Timothy J. Wright, 40 years of service.

In the photo are: Carl Patterson, Robert Whitney, Eric Bisch, Robert Cook, Rocky Trifari, Joseph Gretkowski, Robert Schmitt, Montville Chief Alan Cook, Richard Dayermanjian, Towaco Chief Ken Breeman, Otto Gauweiler, Pine Brook Chief James Schmitt, Robert Grey, Donald Welter, Spooner Peer, William Grey, Robert Peer, Ron Cain, Jr., Ed Rosenbergen, Sr.

Missing from photo are: (Montville) Carl Lewis and (Pine Brook) Gary Eggers, Anthony Speciale, and Timothy Wright.

Some of the Towaco firefighters were spotlighted in this TAPinto Montville article: Towaco Board of Fire Commissioners Honors Firefighters with Decades of Service.