Much as I enjoy a good Republican vs. Republican fight, recent letters from Dan Pagano and former Committeeman Jim Sandham contain alot of hyperbole and some incorrect statements. For perspective Dan Pagano and the subject of their letters, Committeewoman June Witty are Tea Party allies. Jim Sandham is not as far as I know but he is an official as the Chair of an important Commission and a member of the Planning Board. As a Member of one and the Chair of another he is part of important decisions which effect our Township. He can't let his personal opinion effect how he shares his information. In fact E-mails are subject to the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and anyone can request copies of any e-mails sent to Township Committee Members. Obviously he has a right to complain at a public meeting about the conduct of a Committee Member in a personal interaction. Interestingly while Sandham served on the Township Committee, members of Boards and Commissions were instructed by the township administration to follow township policies and procedures which include not using email since it can be subject to OPRA  I objected to that policy because government should be open and transparent.

Dan Pagano on the other hand is Tea Party and resorts to accusations and hyperbole to make his attack on Sandham, He supported June when she posted the MEME calling Democrats NAZIs and haters of Jews and Blacks. He is essentially a Government hater as is June Witty but here is where I believe he is right. She was not elected to be subject to the will of the Committee. She was elected to represent the people of Montville Township and as such she is entitled to hold what ever meetings with constituents she wants. She can express any position she wants as repugnant as it may be but it is the Voters that can support her or vote her out, not the Members of the Committee. Our Charter is clear. The Committee only acts as a body at properly noticed public Meetings with properly recorded votes but nothing prohibits a Township Committee Person from expressing an opinion or meeting with any one. BTW our Mayor is only a Committeeperson holding a gavel, with no special powers and the same vote everyone else has.

Dan Grant

Democratic Municipal Chair