MORRISTOWN, NJ -- Moments after House Speaker Paul Ryan announced the vote on the American Health Care Act was postponed, activists gathered at Rep. Frelinghuysen’s office in Morristown urging him to vote against the bill. Residents across New Jersey gathered at Republican congress member's offices to celebrate landmark health care law and urge these lawmakers to vote against American Health Care Act.

Families with children sang songs and ate cake to celebrate the anniversary of the legislation that has made health care affordable and accessible for tens of millions of Americans.

"Congressman Frelinghuysen has to make a choice, does he stand with the close to 16,000 constituents who will lose coverage as the millions who will find themselves with unaffordable and inadequate coverage, or does he stand with Paul Ryan, who is content to have Americans either suffer without healthcare or bankrupt themselves when they learn their coverage doesn't cover critical care." Analilia Mejia director of New Jersey Working Families who co-coordinated the event with activists from NJ 11 for Change in order to highlight the significance of the ACA, its impact on children, the disabled and working Americans.  Participants included stay at home moms, disability activists, workers, and their children."

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According to a New Jersey Policy Perspective report, as many as 467,000 New Jerseyans will lose their health care coverage if the Affordable Care Act is repealed-- with 15,800 of those coming from Morris County. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that 24 million fewer Americans would be covered under this bill than under Obamacare by 2026 if the bill is enacted.

News of postponement broke out with reports of as many as 31 Republican members of Congress refusing to support the bill.