MONTVILLE, NJ – In its previous life, the HOPE ONE vehicle had been utilized in police tactical operations. Now, all law enforcement logos and lights are gone.

The exterior is decorated with a purple ribbon to signify recovery. “HOPE ONE” is inscribed within the purple ribbon, along with the Morris County “Stigma Free” logo. A 24-hour contact number for Morris County CARES also is on the vehicle.

This new approach delivers help in a unique way, blending law enforcement and social services to bring hope into communities.

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The mobile recovery access vehicle offers critical support for persons struggling with addiction, with the goals of preventing drug overdoses and deaths.

The Sheriff’s Community Services Unit operates HOPE ONE in partnership with the Morris County Department of Human Services, the Mental Health Association of Morris County, and Morris County Prevention is Key and their Center for Addiction Recovery Education and Success (CARES).

HOPE ONE travels twice a week to locations throughout Morris County, bringing services to persons in need. A Sheriff’s officer, licensed clinician, and a certified peer recovery specialist – who understand the needs of those suffering with addiction — staff the vehicle.

They are able to provide clients immediate access to services and treatment facilities, putting them on the road to recovery and wellness.

In addition, Narcan training and kits are provided to family members and friends of those suffering with opiate addiction.

To allow for more interaction and the ability to connect with individuals suffering from addiction, the HOPE ONE mobile recovery access center travels to different communities within Morris County.

The vehicle parks and sets up refreshments in an effort to encourage those in need of services to approach the vehicle.

Providing a comfortable, stigma-free setting has allowed this program to effectively make contact with and provide services to individuals who have had difficulty navigating the journey of accessing appropriate services in the past.

On Thursday, Sept. 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the HOPE ONE vehicle will travel to Pine Brook and set up in the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot, located at 40 Route 46 West, Pine Brook, 07058.

For more information, please call CARES at 973-625-1143 x23 or go to