MORRISTOWN, NJ - After months of preparation and planning, Beenie's Ice Cream will open their doors on Thursday May 11. The ice cream shop is the creation of Tony Franco, a 26 year old Mendham native who is a huge ice cream fan.  Franco's dog Beenie was the inspiration behind the shop's name and decor. With aqua seafoam and dark pink walls, a picket fence, a tree and grass, the feel of the shop is more like a backyard. The idea, said Franco was to create a fun place where customers can come in for old favorites or try new interesting and fun flavors.

"I love ice cream and I love Morristown", said Franco on why he chose Morristown to open his store. "I hope to bring the most fun, exciting ice cream I can."

When asked what will set this ice cream store apart from others, Franco explained that not only will Beenie's have traditional flavors like Chocolate Mint Chip and Vanilla, but customers can try far out flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chocolate Covered Potato Chip or Captain Crunch Ice Cream. The ice cream is made from scratch which gives Franco and his staff as much flexibility and creativity as possible.

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Franco expects to offer vegan ice cream made from cashew and almond milk as well as sorbet, italian ice and gelato. There will be 40 flavors on display daily with specialty flavors changing throughout the seasons.

In addition to adding creative flavors to their menu, Beenie's will be open from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

"I was always wishing that ice cream shops stayed open later", said Franco. "Now customers can come in for a late night snack". 

Too tired from the day to go out, but still craving ice cream? No problem...Beenie's offers a delivery service. Customers can order pints or cakes (there is a two pint minimum) between 7pm and 12 midnight.

This is Franco's first business and he is excited to open.

"Our ice cream is different than the rest", said Franco. "It's more quirky, less old fashioned. If you are an ice cream lover, you will love it".

Beenie's is located at 38 Morris Street in Morristown.