TRENTON NJ - Republican Leader Jon Bramnick used his address at the opening of the 218th General Assembly to sound a call to leaders, to the media and to the public for greater civility in New Jersey's public discourse.  The Republican Leader's comments were particularly pointed where journalists, President Trump and digital warriors were concerned.

"The reasonable and rational people of this country must stand together and condemn bad behavior," said Bramnick.  "And whether that bad behavior comes from the left-wing media or directly from the White House, we need to stand together as one and speak out against that kind of behavior."

"To those so-called journalists on cable TV or on the radio, who despise both Republican and Democrats, I've got a message," said Bramnick.  "Stop chasing ratings and start searching for the facts."  The line was one of many in Bramnick's address that drew applause."

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"To you as one individual who is responding to is responding to a post on social media, and you do so with a vile, bitter, venomous and hateful attack," continued Bramnick, "I suggest you get some psychological help and find out what happened when you were growing up."  The gathered assembly and guests laughed and applauded Bramnick's comment.

Bramnick told the audience that he looks forward to working with the Democrat Party majority to solve New Jersey's problems, and pledged to rally the rational.

"We are the New Jersey Republicans.  We will stand up fo rthe people of this state, but we will do so in a civil, respectful and serious manner."