MORRISTOWN, NJ - CK Loves Events is an event company that specializes in children’s events. Although, they specialize in children events, they do offer bridal showers, baby showers, and corporate training events that specialize in team building events and look forward to planning your memorable event.

"CK Loves Events came from an idea my mom and I created before she passed away", said owner Celeste Kaitsa. "I dedicate my company and my life accomplishments to the most wonderful mommy a child could have. Because I had such a special bond with her, that carried over to my love for children. That is why my company is so important to me".

Having a career in the past working with children helped develop and shape Katisa's company.  

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"I have done many various events", she said. " As a preschool teacher the environment was always changing. So, I always came up with fun ideas for that my class loved participating in.  Also, when I was a nanny I made an animal alphabet to teach the children letter recognition. I was also involved in Girls Scouts. I planned a back to school drive from New Jersey for the Girl Scouts in Ohio. I was a service unit manager for Girl Scouts and I planned a Father/Daughters dance. My versatility has made me able to plan any event and make it memorable".

CK Loves Events was just hired to do weekly art projects for the Summer Fun Preschool Camp, LLC in Chatham, NJ.

"This is a wonderful camp where children of preschool age get to enjoy the love of summer with doing fun art projects, and other outdoor activities", Kaitsa said. "Cheryl Mercer the owner is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her camp is fully staffed with the most amazing group of preschool teacher. Nothing but warm and wonderful. If you are looking for a wonderful place to send your little preschoolers"..

Kaitsa is hoping for an opportunity to share her love for children and the arts with your family.

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