MORRISTOWN, NJ - Is massage therapy a luxury? Are facials an indulgence? Not according to Morristown residents David Shawger and Dale Carmody who recently left their jobs working in pharmaceuticals to open a business dedicated to health and wellness. Massage Heights, now open at 40 West Park Place in Morristown, aims to complement a healthy lifestyle by offering various massages, facials and aromatherapies.

Unlike most local massage facilities, Massage heights is dedicated to addressing the specific needs of each client. While many other massage chains only provide customers with generic treatment, therapists at Massage Heights are trained to work with each customer to figure out what type of treatment is needed. 

“We are very customer service oriented,” says Shawger. “With each customer that comes in, we spend time working with them in order to fit them with a therapist that can address their specific needs.”

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While he and Carmody were researching various business options, this company stood out because of its emphasis on customer service and its personalized attention to its clients.

“We really wanted to work with a company that was beneficial to the customer, the employee and the business and Massage Heights did just that,” he said.

In addition to traditional massages, the facility has licensed massage therapists who specialize in a variety of different areas including prenatal massage, sports massage and oncology massage.  The use of aromatherapy has been implemented as an added bonus. With proven results, Shawger says aromatherapy adds to the calm, soothing atmosphere within the room and helps customers relax.

Massage Heights also offers a variety of facials and skin treatments including anti-aging facials, dry-skin facials and various types of skin elevations. 

While Massage Heights is membership based, there are a variety of options for new customers who may just be interested in trying it out.  More information can be found at